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Workplace Violence
Unfair labour practices again security workers
Securitas - If you are in the security industry,please read this article
BLS Report Pinpoints Security Guards' Greatest Hazards
Older Workers Keeping Us Safe.

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According to Jim

Workplace Violence

2 Loblaws' workers die in knife attack several others are injured.  Unfortunately, one must think about such misadventure as part of going to work. Have you thought about it?

Unfair labour practices again security workers

Securitas being sued in the California. This has relevance in Canada for security contractors, security workers, and clients. This doesn't need an explanation to see...

I've seen many, and, currently, know of many, examples of such practcves. Security workers should be trained in their rights as workers under Canadian Law (Same applies in U.S., U.K., Aus, NZ, EU...).
Learning by osmosis and experience doesn't cut it. This is another area where government mandated training fails the workers and the security industry.

Securitas - If you are in the security industry,please read this article

Securitas Security Sued by The San Diego Employment Law Attorneys at Blumenthal, Nordrehaug & Bhowmik for Allegedly Failing To Provide Their Security Guards Meal BreaksCurrent and Former security guards of Securitas Security Services now have an opportunity to join a lawsuit against the security service provider.

BLS Report Pinpoints Security Guards' Greatest Hazards

An interesting report issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (U.S.) and it has relevance in Canada. I've known about this report since it was published and it continues to be of interest. In Canada, we do not have the fatalities they experience in the States, nevertheless, there are lessons to be learned about security worker safety and borders do not matter.

My focus is on the "older worker" demographic in the security patrol (Guard) sector.

Older Workers Keeping Us Safe.

Recently, I turned 68 and was given to ask myself; why am I still working.  Short answer, because I have to. Longer answer is because I want to, because I'm not done yet, and because I want to remain relevant. My occupational focus, for decades, has been private security. I've worked in management, training, and as a security guard. But my passion is training security workers, and employers - when they listen, in how to deliver security services safely and protect the security guard.

Christmas Shopping Spoiler - Must Read!

This article is scary.  If you buy online (I do) or use your Debit or Credit Card you need to read the attached article. Causes me to step back and think hard about the advantages of paying cash. 


Jail Time for OSH Offences

Clients and private security guard service contractors/managers/supervisors take heed. You knowingly put people in harms way without considering or ignoring their safety and you do not have documented proof workers have been trained you will pay the piper. 

Rare Jail Sentence for Safety Offences, its just happened in Ontario. An owner of a roofing company has just been sentenced to jail time for OHS offences. I know, I know, its not security, but the message remains the same - the owner, on numerous levels, demonstrated a woeful disregard for the safety of his workers.

Security officer beaten to unconsciousness in Ottaw

A security guard was repeatedly punched and collapsed while trying to arrest a man at a Byward Market supermarket on Monday.

Now keep in mind this incident may have involved a theft. Lets look at it from the standpoint of shrinkage. How much do you think the most expensive bottle of wine/spirits would cost in the subject store? Possibly, several hundred dollars: right? Now, think about how much it's going to cost the client/employer for the injuries to the LPO - doesn't take "rocket science" to figure it out - thousands of direct dollars X 4 for indirect dollars.

All Security Employers and Clients

It doesn't matter where you are you need to know this and you need to check it out against your Country's health & safety compliance regulations.
In the U.S. OSHA has started using the General Duty Clause as part of their enforcement strategy. This is new, but what's interesting is how it relates to the private contract security industry. It applies to the clients and proprietary operations as well.  I encourage you to educate yourself about the relevance of this 'Clause" to your operations.

Security Officers exposures to Bloodborne/Body Fluid Pathogens & Infectious Disease

If you're a security officer/guard/professional/operative, loss prevention officer, door supervisor, special event security officer, you need to know about your exposures to bloodborne, body fluid pathogens and infectious disease. 
Your exposure to the aforementioned is as great or greater than police, fire, medical first responders. However, you are not afforded the same protections as the mentioned professionals.

Questions to ask yourself: 
  • has your employer conducted a hazard/risk assessment on exposure to body fluid pathogens and infectious disease at your worksite?